Top 5 Most Innovative and Creative Products for Your Pets

We have the top 5 most innovative and creative products for your pets here. From Sha Poopie- the poop collector, Tagg- the pet tracker, automatic pet feeder, Flight Suits-diapers for birds and iPad games for cats by Friskies. Read on to find out more about these interesting new designs available for pet owners.

Sha Poopie- Collecting Your Dog’s Poop with Ease

Sha Poopie is one of the most innovative and creative products for your pets Innovative pet products poo collectorout there. Basically it is a device that helps you to pick up your pets poop easily without actually bending over and collecting it the old fashion way with plastic bag or newspaper. All you have to do is extend the pole and place the recycled plastic liner when your dog is ready to do his business. When he’s done, proceed to seal the liner together and throw it away. Yes, it’s that easy. The Sha Poopie was invented by Dan Shalhoub that was previously showcased on ‘American Inventor’ television show. The next time you walk your dog at the park near you, pull out this new toy and proceed to impress other pet owners. This is the perfect product for those who want to stay away from the unpleasant poop.

Tagg-The Pet TrackerInnovative pet products tagg tracker

The Tagg is a pet tracking system using the GPS technology which helps you track your pet at all times and preventing it from getting lost. Talk about keeping an eye on your pet. The device will give send you a SMS or email to your computer or mobile device 24 hours a day. The lightweight device is placed on your dog’s collar and setting Tagg up doesn’t require rocket science knowledge with the easy to use First Pet Master Kit which includes a Tagg tracket, docking station, collar clip assembly and a power kit. However, a monthly service price is required to continue monitoring your pet.


Automatic Pet Feeder

Innovative pet products automatic feederAn automatic pet feeder is a must have for busy pet owners, who are often outside their homes and busy schedules. With this innovative pet product, there is no longer fear in feeding your dogs/cats on time. You can even control the portion being fed to your pets during your preset meal hours to keep a healthy diet for them. There are many automatic pet feeder products out there, so make sure you pick the best and suitable ones.

Bird Flight Suits- Diapers for Birds

Innovative pet products bird diapersDiapers are not only for babies nowadays. We have diapers for your pet birds. Let me introduce to you the Bird Flight Suits which comes in adorable and cute fashion designs such as the Tux with Tails, Santa Claws Flight suits, Year Round Fashion Hoodie, Watermelon Hoodie, Jr Style Hoodie and the list goes on. The bird diaper is worn by your bird and helps to collect the poop with the patented pouch. It is specially designed to prevent dangerous cases such as flying away. This helps to keep your bird safe and happy outside the cage at all times.

iPad Games for your Pets

Innovative pet products cat ipad gamesTalk about crazy innovative and creative products for your pets. We have developers out there creating games for your cats/ dogs. Game For Cats is probably the most popular pet ipad games out there for your cats by Friskies. Do you want to challenge your cat for a game to determine who’s reaction is quicker? If the answer is you, then this game is for you to enjoy it with your kitty. Cats are always curios and will play basically anything they find, from toys, balls, lights or even insects. Thus, Friskies has created some of the most interesting games for your cats. Do not worry about your precious screen on your iPad because the glass screen can withstand the cat’s claw without problems. However, if you are using plastic film covers, it is best to think twice before letting your cat getting near it.

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