Girls’ Generation / SNSD Plastic Surgery

Girls’ Generation or often known as SNSD is a very famous pop idol group from South Korea. SNSD consist of nine attractive looking and very talented female members. The members are Sunny, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona. Their first single album, Gee holds the record for being longest number one spot in the KBS Music Bank chart. Their instant success has gained them recognition around the world and fans are captivated with their awesome performances.

However, rumours and weird news of the SNSD members getting plastic surgery and facelift has been spreading across the internet. Weird news and photos of ‘Before and After’ of Girls’ Generation or SNSD members can be found at most entertainment websites. Most of the photos shown and compared are those when they are young. It is actually hard to determine whether they really have undergone plastic surgery.

girls generation SNSD photoGirls Generation or SNSD plastic surgery photos

Apparently, some sources claim that Yoona is probably the one who did not have any plastic surgery as she looks exactly the same as her pre debut photos. The guessing game of who had plastic surgery still goes on till today.

Girls Generation or SNSD plastic surgery photos

From what I have heard, getting a plastic surgery and facelift is very common in South Korea. A majority of the famous pop idol and Korean women has some part of their face or body done. I am not too sure whether is this true. The fact is most celebrities have undergone minor or major surgeries. But whatever it is, SNSD or Girls’ Generation will always be loved and cherished for their awesome performances and great songs.

Girls Generation or SNSD plastic surgery photos

Before and After Plastic Surgery of Girls’ Generation SNSD.

Girls Generation or SNSD plastic surgery photos


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